Здравствуйтей PBSO employees, civil people, media and political person of Palm Beach County Florida and the United States.!

If you wish to get straight to audio files for admissions on numerous crimes and constitutional violations, and how they have put together a Naziesq investigative unit to destroy their enemies, skip this intro and please scroll to end of the page and see the bulleted list.

I am called Badvolf. It is such sadness this must be done to protect a friend but we see no other way to do this. The Palm Beach County Sheriff's Office leadership is using their totalitarian authority to commit vast numbers of crime to investigate and persecute its political enemies.

The Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office has secretly been fighting a war against the media, political enemies and and other critics of the Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office leadership, judges and elected officials. This war is being commanded by Sheriff Ric Bradshaw and Chief Deputy Michael Gauger, and has sanctioned the outrageous, blatant abuse of police powers to defame critics, members of the media, and using their massive resources and color of law to commit felony after felony and other unscrupulous acts against those media members that “attack them.”

One such battle in this war is against the creator of PBSOTalk.com, Mark Dougan. After starting his web site that tried to provide an anonymous, free place for deputies to vent about corruption within their ranks, Sheriff Ric Bradshaw and Chief Deputy Michael Gauger of the Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office has spent well over 1.5 million Dollars to investigate the creator for 4 years, and has attempted to put him in jail for any crime they can find.

They have launched vicious defamation attacks against Dougan, telling people he is a member of a Russian crime syndicate(view here) that engages in identity theft, child pornography and extortion. These accusations are completely false. They paint this picture of Dougan as a dangerous, unsavory individual to deflect the reality of the situation; the reality that the criminals are not members of the media or citizens trying to expose corruption with the web sites; the real criminals are top law enforcement officials in Palm Beach County.

This multiple-part video series was created to expose these this criminal gang of law enforcement officers and to show the public that they should be afraid. They should be terrified because if they speak out the corrupt policies and practices of Sheriff Ric Bradshaw or Chief Deputy Michael Gauger, Palm Beach County politicians, or even their friends, this secretive investigative unit will “tear apart the lives, businesses and families” of the critic under the guise “they are conducting a criminal investigation into that individual.” They will stop at nothing until they find something. Anything, they can, to make this happen.

These videos are being broken up into multiple topics because there are many hours of conversation. Each video covers many abuses and highlights the many felonies committed by unsavory, unscrupulous investigators. Keep checking back because more will be added soon. They are being placed in order of offensiveness. We will start with the least, less serious conversations and segue into the real bad stuff that people go to prison for long times for.

Jessica is woman in her mid 30’s who contacts contractor Mark Lewis to renovate a home for her and her boyfriend, who is moving from New York to Florida. Jessica breaks it off with her boyfriend and turns to Mark Lewis for solace and comfort. In the course of their conversation, Lewis announces to Jessica he is also a special investigator with the Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office with nearly unlimited resources to investigate people with differing opinions (attacks, as he calls it) than those held by Palm Beach County Elected Officials, judges, politicians, the State Attorney, the Sheriff, Ric Bradshaw, and the Chief Deputy, Michael Gauger. In other words, people in a position of power.

Jessica tells PBSO Investigator Mark Lewis she is a wealthy young wall-street lady who works for her father’s company that handles mergers and acquisitions of stock brokerage firms. Jessica is privy to some of the most closely guarded secrets on wall street.

Special Investigator Lewis, however, has a dark past. He was caught sending an email (view here) to Dougan a few years ago saying his former wife is whore who sleeps with migrant workers. When this is discovered by Jessica, Lewis lies and blames email on Dougan and begins to divulge story voluntarily about him, as well as wanting to discuss with her details (view here) of this “special investigation.”

PBSO Special Investigator Mark Lewis, who wants to win the affection of this beautiful and wealthy young lady, spills his guts and offers to divulge all aspects of the “investigation” to Jessica. We already know this is a felony because Special Investigator Mark Lewis, Sheriff Ric Bradshaw and Chief Deputy Michael Gauger ordered the arrest of Internal Affairs Sergeant Dean Johnson for supposedly leaking details of the investigation to the creator of the web site. An alleged crime that never took place. Stripped of his badge, career and dignity, Johnson was offered a choice: sign an agreement not to disparage the Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office or face multiple counts of felonies.

Because it was known by his own admission that Mark Lewis was about to commit multiple felonies in divulging “classified information” to Jessica, it was in the interests of public safety to record this action. With the background information out of the way, prepare to be astounded by the admissions of corruption and criminal activity in the Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office, sanctioned by Sheriff Ric Bradshaw and Chief Deputy Michael Gauger.

We know of your FBI and these are good people. We think when this task is completed and all files are released, these FBI members will have very long investigation into the corruption taking place at this organization under the orders of the leaders and putting many PBSO leaders in prison.

Please understand the following clips are merged together from multiple conversations over the course of a week. We did the best to keep subjects from many conversations together since there is over 15 hours of raw audio. If you need to hear absolute context please view the link for the raw audio files below.

  • To view all the text messages sent between Jessica and Mark Lewis: view here
  • PBSO Special Investigator Mark Lewis talking about arresting fire captain for judge who asked Chief Deputy Michael Gauger for favor and having political enemies raped in their jail: view here
  • PBSO Special Investigator Mark Lewis speaking about the dumb blacks running Riviera City and stopping people with color: view here
  • PBSO Special Investigator Mark Lewis talking about Dugan investigation. When Dean Johnson divulged far less details to Anne Burke, he was arrested on multiple felonies. Mr. Lewis is divulging sensitive, confidential information on this "investigation" to a complete stranger he met off the internet a few days before.: view here
  • PBSO Special Investigator Mark Lewis talking about intestigating Jim Donahue for 2 years and arresting him (Jim Donahue was a political opponent of Sheriff): view here
  • Remember Mark Lewis, who claimed he was straight as can be? Here he is engaging in insider trading. After Jessica tells him she could get arrested for giving confidential information about an upcoming stock merger, he says it's okay because he likes making money. How much does he like the thought of making money off an insider tip? He spent over $119000,00 on the stock. Don't believe it? Just check out Wells Fargo stock transaction number 35046061 for 37.50 per share. What is that... a $6000 loss? Next time, I think he will not take illegal insider information. Lewis claims he knows Jessica was a fake and he was taking the bait to see what she was doing. Let us play davil's advocate. If someone called you and you thought she was a fraud, then she gave you a stock tip, would you sink $120,000 of your money into that stock? Lewis' excuse for why he said all these terrible things is just as bad as his fraud. To hear about the insider trading: view here
  • PBSO contracted hacker Anthony Rodriguez and Special Investigator Mark Lewis speaking about how they hack people and plant digital evidence. As you will hear, it is clearly stated they say they can get around warrants to hack in to people's email accounts, facebook, etc. They also state that if they need the evidence for a crime and they find it hidden, they can digitally plant that evidence somewhere else so it can be found. Chilling stuff. As a rouse, Jessica provided the facebook user Felicia Kandel. Still, this is when they suspected Jessica may not be legitimate person and broke off conversation. To hear the hacking conversasions: view here
  • PBSO, you think your hacker is great but he is amature. Just sit back and watch psychological mindfuck unfold when you mess with БадВолф!
  • ARE YOU LOOKING FOR ALL RAW AUDIO FILES? There are many hours of them. Please note the time is not correct for your time zone as these calls were made in the U.K Dont like it Sheriff? Come get us and try to have us in your jail. We will have a nice surprise here for you! GET THE RAW AUDIO FILES HERE!